Design Space

In this video, you will get a brief introduction to the Design Space homepage and show the navigation features and projects.

In this video we take a look at the Design Space Canvas, where most of the work on the projects will be done. We show the 6 basic areas: The header, the Canvas Design Panel, the Edit and Edit Text Bar, the Layer panel, the color sync panel

In this video we show how to start a project and how to save your work. Once your project is finished and saved, you can even make it public and share it.

In this video we show how to choose one or more designs on Design Space and how to edit them

In this video we show how you can create, edit and insert text into your project

In this video we show the difference between the distance between letters and lines. We also show the fantastic tools in Design Space to position your text.

This video provides an introduction to the use of the Layers Panel, including working with multiple color images and how to manipulate them

In this video we show how to adjust the colors in the Design Space Canvas and how to use different layers to create a multi-colored project

In this video we explain the Shapes icon and briefly talk about the Score line type to create folding lines.

In this video, we show how easy it is to delete uploaded content

In this video we take a closer look at the Text Edit Bar. We discuss letter ungrouping, ungrouping lines and ungrouping layers.

In this video we discuss the different fonts. After watching this video you will know the difference between cut letters and write letters.

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